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Rules: Read Carefully Empty Rules: Read Carefully

Post  Skylie on Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:55 am

Hello! Welcome to Civil Kids
I'm Skylie and I own this site. Ever heard the saying "My house, my rules?" Well, this is my saying. "My website, my rules." lol!

So here are the rules!
1.) No swearing, cursing, or anything else of the sort.
2.) No flaming, spamming, or plagiarism.
3.) If there is some sort of problem report it to a moderator. Don't try to handle things yourself.
4.) Don’t argue with staff; their decision is for a good reason. If you truly believe that what they did was wrong, then don’t yell at them, ask nicely and in a protocol way.
5.) Don't post anything inappropriate or disrespectful!
If you have read the rules, put some sort of smiley in your introduction!


First Offense~ WARNING
Second Offense~ 1 to 2 week ban
Third/ or more Offense~ Permanently banned

Thanks! Hope you have a good time! afro cherry

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