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Some Art!!!! Empty Some Art!!!!

Post  Umbreon101 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:06 am

heres some quick art ive put together recently. i will update often. comment (well, reply) and critique please! i want to be as good an artist as i can be!

Some Art!!!! 107415 an icon i threw together in about 10 minutes. (done today. this is acctually the only one done recently) there was a better one like this for TDT gallery, but i couldnt get it to show up on google search. when i do, i'll post it.

Some Art!!!! 92374 some old horrid umbreon drawing from who knows how long ago...

Some Art!!!! 1502671_med a drawing i did on scratch of my warriorsona, Shadowspark.

Some Art!!!! 1512955_med a dragon named Kantara. ignore the names. this was from a project where i had a vote on who should vioce Kantara.

thats all for now.


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