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Roleplaying~ Basic Guidance Empty Roleplaying~ Basic Guidance

Post  Skylie on Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:36 am

Here are some terms that you may find useful:
Useful Acronyms and Words

Rping = Role Playing
Mun = The "mundane" or the person playing the character
OOC = Out of Character
IC = In Character
Hit = An attack that damages or "hits" the character
Mun Bubbles/Brackets = Used when OOC; Are these ( ) Or (( )) Or [ ] (where it doesn't mess with the BBcode)
Mary-sue/Gary-stu = A character that is "perfect"
Thread = The grouping of several posts that are related to one topic or idea
Post = In a forum, it is the complete entry you make on a thread. In a chat, it's each paragraph you enter. Sometimes I accidentally switch, Post and paragraph, it's because I started with chats and moved to forums. Please excuse me if I confuse you, I don't me to do so on purpose.
Oldbie = A role player who has role plays for many years and has mastered several skills and has been role playing in a variety of ways.
Newbie = A role player who has just started role playing. They don't usually have many role playing skills and need a little bit of guidance and encouragement to grow as role players.
N00b = A role player who has role playing for many years but still hasn't mastered any skills, or doesn't care about role playing style or quality.
Roleplaying is when you assume a different profile. Most people define roleplaying as making a plot and adding characters to play along it.

A plot is the story!

Now all basic roleplays usually have these things,

  • A plot
  • Rules/Guidelines
  • Character form sheet
  • Setting

If you don't have a proper plot or rules, we will remove your thread. YOU MAY re-create it though.

PLEASE unless you are the owner of the thread, don't God-mod or mod.

God-modding is when you put yourself at a higher authority over everybody else. OR when your characters isn't killed or hurt from a mortal wound.

No Powerplaying either.
Powerplaying is when you play someone else's character.

~ No Godmodding/Modding/or Powerplaying
~ Please keep romance and battling PG-13
~ No cursing or swearing
~ Follow all the rules or regulations of CivilKids.

(These don't have to be used directly. They can be modified. It's your RP)

Chat Parentheses.
If you have something to say out of character,
put them in double or single parentheses.

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