1-27-11 Moderator Elections

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1-27-11 Moderator Elections Empty 1-27-11 Moderator Elections

Post  Skylie on Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:28 am

As you have probably seen by now, I have removed the board titled Staff Applications. Yes, this is because I have decided to have Mod Elections! Webgal15, your status will still be upheld as you had a REMARKABLE application. Please note that people who apply must regard these rules:

~ You must have 150 posts or more.
~ You need to have proof of experience and such.
~ It does help if you are on great terms with the mods
~ Don't harass or brag other fellow competitors. You will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified
~ Please have actual reasons with support!
~ PM me the applications.. or you won't be considered.

Webgal15 and I will decide which applications we like the best. We will announce who we have chosen and you will have the chance to vote. Please at that time PM me your votes. The final two, maybe three, with the highest votes will recieve the rank of moderator.


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