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Post  dragonlover13 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:17 am

You are a Dragonlaerian, sent to Earth to protect the dragons there.
You and your friends cast a spell so the humans can't see the dragons,
but you lost most of you magic in the process. The little you have left
you use to stop the humans from seeing you, but stopping them from
seeing you is harder. A counter spell has been cast, to let the humans
see the real you and the dragons, by the Dragonlaers that are Thears
minions. Thear is the one who sent the dragons here in the first place.
Why? To kill them off. You must save yourself, your friends, and the
dragons before the humans find out.


look like a cross between a human and a dragon. They have the wings,
limbs, tail, eyes, frills, fur, horns, or/and ears of a dragon, but
other than that you look human. All Dragonlaerians can talk to dragons,
have their own signature power, can mind read, and have a dragon form.
They can USUALLY cast spells, but the ones on earths magic is dried up.


Dragons are normal dragons, exept they speak flarebreather speak and write burn runes.


Humans are just normal humans, but some have found dragons and keep them as pets.

-Other stuff-

Put firebreather speak in parentheses ().

Dragonlaerians that most humans see have the same hair color, eyes that
they normally have, although they keep their wings behind their back.

Often, Dragonlaerians wear scarves or gloves because they are not use to Earth's coldness.

Earth's not in Global Warming right now.

Try to post a picture of your character.

Dragonlaer is pronounced like dragon lair.


1. Don't take another's signature power or name.

2. Do not play as someone else's character without permission.

3. Don't KILL without permission.

4. Respect ALL other Rpers.

Don't say that I spelled the lair in Dragonlaer wrong. That's how it's
spelled. (but in the RPG, if you mean like a dragons lair you spell it

Here's the link to the scratch gallery: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/108862



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