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  1. Umbreon101
    Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:18 am
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    we played that at our school last year, but we called it something else. i forget what, though. then someone fell and got a cut and our principal (who bans everything) banned any form of tag. -_- not fair.

    thats what everyone says! the only movie my mom wont let me watch is The Exorsist. she says its too scary, but she hasnt even seen it. (btw, she cant even sit through The Shining) my mom is always watching forensic invesigations on tv. sometimes i wake up at some stupid hour and my mom fell asleep watching them. occasionally i watch them, but not that often. not after... that one episode... *shivers* there was this dude who cut open animals when he was little and when he was older cut people open. O_O *shivers* the two types of movies i cant stand are romantic ones and slashers. that episode was a slasher-type episode.

    wierd. this weird kid in my class (he thinks if someone wasnt born in the US, they dont speak english. he also threatened to kill me with a pair of scissors once. and they were long, sharp scissors.) likes alice cooper's music. trust me, he is the weirdest person in the universe. he should be in a record book for that. (thats the only reason i dont listen to alice cooper. its probably a good band, though. i just dont want to be caught talking about it at school, 'cause then the kid would probably become even weirder. and isnt alice cooper the singer, not the band name?)

    wow, you wore black for an entire month?! my mom would kill me if i wore black 2 days in a row!
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