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Post  Skylie on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:06 am

Hello, I'm Skylie

Few Facts Bout' Me

  • I am the administrator of this site!
  • I am hopelessly addicted to Zaxby's chicken
  • Loves reading and writing
  • Can't live without my family or God

Those are some of the essentials now on to my profile!

Name: Skylie (Did you think I was going to disclose my true name?)
Age: Question (Not)
Personality: I am very involved in my education and I find myself composed at dangerous times.
Fav Food: Chicken/Alligator/Alfredo/Steak/Lobster/
Fav Drink: Coke/Tea
Fav Color: BLUE

I hope you enjoy it here!
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